or using the AVR Butterfly kit on Mac OS X (& Linux)

Practical information on how to program the AVR Butterfly kit with a Macintosh.

AvrFasher allows the downloading ("or flashing") of programs to the ATMEL AVR micro-controller family. It has been extensively tested with the "AVR Butterfly" kit* but could also be adapted to other processors. The program is written in JAVA under Xcode (Macintosh OS X development kit*) but the .jar file runs "as is" under LINUX.

The program connects itself through a serial link to the AVR imbedded serial programmer. For computers (as Macintoshes) lacking a true serial port, it is necessary to use an USB to Serial converter to obviate the problem. After having installed the AVR-gcc compiler and its AVR library, the program can control the compiling and loading of .hex files by simple menu invocations. (This option avoids direct typing of cryptic instructions in a terminal window!)
A very simple terminal emulator is also included in AvrFasher in order to be able to dialog with the micro-controler when needed.

More information are given in the manual.

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